Former Van Halen star, Sammy Hagar was recently interviewed by the American radio channel, WESB 1490’s Clay Marshall, and he revealed a lot of unknown details on how he handles his money.

As you will see his statements below, Sammy Hagar honestly revealed that he uses most of the money for charity.

Here is what he said:

“The main thing that makes me make business is because most of my business – especially the restaurant business – I give all that money away to charity. When I start a new restaurant, it’s mainly in airports because the HMSHost [food service] people are such great managers.

They manage the place — I don’t have to worry about none of that crap. I come up with the concept; we do the thing; I do the menu, all the creative; and then they run the hell out of it. They run it right, and I just take a royalty off the top. I give it that to that community, so in Maui, the money stays in Maui.

In Honolulu, the money stays in Honolulu. In Las Vegas, the money stays in Las Vegas. Cleveland, the money stays in Cleveland. It’s such a great way to help people.”

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