The legendary former frontman of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar posted yet another video on his verified Instagram page today and showed his unknown talent with his followers.

You might check out the video below and see that Sammy is very talented with the classical orange juggling skills.

While we don’t know who is behind the camera, he supported and cheered for him after he managed to do the trick.

Here is the caption of Sammy:

“Don’t try this at home!

#oranges #juggler #warmingup
#tricks #thecircle #backstage”

A user named rik_rule commented:

“There he goes lol🤣 Sammy!!! You’re one of the best frontmen in Rock History and one of my Heroes!! God Bless You !!!”

Another Instagram user, sunnycoolcraig wrote this:

“Sammy don’t forget you need those oranges for Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum…. 🤪”

You can watch the video of Sammy right below.