Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony has posted a heartbreaking photo of his late grandson, Rex, on the official Instagram page and celebrated Rex’s birthday by mentioning his tragic loss.

As you might remember, Michael Anthony’s grandson, Rex, has passed away due to a fatal heart problem three years ago. Today, Anthony took to social media to describe his feelings about the tragic death of his grandson.

Here’s what Anthony wrote:

“Happy birthday to our grandson Rex, who would’ve been three years old today. We all love and miss you very much…

I want to thank everybody who has donated through me to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) You all help keep his memory alive by helping all children receive the medical care they need.”

In the comment section of the post, Anthony and Van Halen fans sent their good wishes and support to him by writing comments. We compiled some of them and you can see them below.

An Instagram user named Joe Santara commented:

“Ugh… This breaks my heart. Love, that you are keeping his memory alive.”

Another fan named Duckonbass said:

“Saying a prayer for you and the family today. And stay safe out there! I moved to Central TX the week after I met you. Glad to be in a more rural area right now!”

Darrell-Drums commented:

“You will see him again, this we know. Happy Birthday in Heaven little man, Happy Birthday!”

You can see the Instagram post below.