Van Halen’s iconic former frontman, Sammy Hagar shared yet another funny video with his lovely wife, Kari Karte on his official and certified Instagram page.

As you will read the caption and watch the video below, while Haggar recording a selfie message for his followers, they had a funny incident together.

Here is what Sammy wrote:

“Ooops! Another date night with Kari Caught on selfie ha ha Ha. #freedrinks #datenight #coupleshavingfun #selfies #oops #spilledmydrink”

A user named cabosammy commented on the video:

“You’re the best Sammy! Thanks for being so good to your fans for all of these years!”

Sammy responded:

“@cabosammy Believe me it is my pleasure🥂”

Here is the video below.