Van Halen’s legendary former frontman Sammy Hagar posted a recent video on his verified Instagram page and revealed a really funny message to his fan base called ‘Redheads.’

As you will watch the video below, Sammy talked about the ‘Super Tuesday’ which is the early election day in the United States and announced that maybe someday he will run for president.

Here is what he said in the video:

“Attention Redheads! Super Tuesday is coming up. It’s an important civic duty to exercise your right to vote. Just remember, Redheads, are the same party… We ARE the party!

So maybe this year, I’ll jump into the race. Just in case I do, what campaign slogan should I use?”

Later on, he also made the most-liked comment on the post:

These are some of the best comments I’ve ever seen on my Instagram since I started doing it.

There are so many good ones I can’t comment on each individual one it would take all night. But thank you for being so damn creative and supportive. Redheads fucking rule!!! ❤️Sammy.”

You can check out that video right below.