Former Van Halen frontman and current Chickenfoot member, Sammy Hagar spoke in a recent interview at ‘Grammy Museum’, and he revealed the most embarrassing moment he had experienced.

Sammy Hagar said that it was embarrassing to sing in front of people. He also added that all of this had to do, no matter how embarrassing.

Here’s what Sammy Hagar told to interviewer:

“I learned how to perform on stage and not be inhibited, because Ronnie was a total recluse. He was the most shy guy. He would stand in a room and stand against the wall and just look at people. He was so unsociable, [but when] you cut him loose on stage…

Van Morrison is the same way. He’s all shut down, gets on stage and does all this weird stuff. I’m going, ‘Wow, I’ve got to not be embarrassed.’ It’s embarrassing to perform sometimes.

It’s embarrassing to sing. It’s embarrassing to be sitting here right now, but you’ve got to just do it.”

He also told us what he learned from Montrose members, especially from the guitarist of the band, Ronnie Montrose.

He continued:

“[With] Ronnie, I learned, really, how to sing. ‘You know what? People out there, I’m going to entertain them.’ I learned from other people too, but Ronnie was the first guy that I saw it firsthand.

And I learned how to play that style of guitar, which is not like Eddie Van Halen plays, not like Joe Satriani. You’ve got a hard-bodied Les Paul with a cord into a Marshall stack, and it’s pure tone. I still play the same way. I do not have a cordless guitar setup, because I hear the difference.

I also learned how to treat bandmembers, because he wasn’t good at it. When I left Montrose – when I got thrown out of Montrose – I said, ‘I don’t want to play in a band with people I don’t like.’

Friends first that can play – that’s kind of my motto. Because you’ve got to live with these people. That was a good lesson for me.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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