Former Van Halen frontman and the current member of The Circle, Sammy Hagar posted a series of photos on Instagram taken during a family vacation and revealed he had to call off his ‘birthday bash’ this year.

The iconic ex-vocalist of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar has been conducting various businesses including his restaurant in Mexico and his tequila brand named ‘Santo Spirit.’ In addition, he has been working on his projects with his band, The Circle. Due to the measures regarding the coronavirus, The Circle and Sammy Hagar recorded the covers of various songs at their houses and shared the episodes of their performances named ‘Circle at Home Sessions‘ on social media.

Recently on Instagram, Sammy Hagar posted a series of photos taken during a family vacation in Alaska. Although he has been busy with various occupations, Sammy has prioritized his family and tried to spend time with them especially during the self-quarantine days.

On the caption of his post, the ex-Van Halen star wrote:

“Family vacation to Alaska. King salmon island. The Bears, the fishing, the wilderness! #FreshAir #KingSalmon #Alaska #Family”

The fans and friends loved the photos Hagar posted on Instagram and responded with various comments. In the comment section of the post, he replied to some of the comments from the fans as he usually does.

One of the fans named Patty Kohlmeyer wanted to know Sammy’s age and praised his impressive look. She also mentioned his upcoming birthday which was on October 13th and offered a birthday party in Cabo.

Here’s the comment from Sammy Hagar fan:

Picture 6… how old are you? So stinking cute. We need a Cabo birthday bash! Shine on Hagar family. Love to see y’all having good family time.;)

As a response to the comment, Sammy stated that he would turn 73 years old soon, however, he had to cancel the ‘birthday bash’ this year due to the Covid-19. Hagar wrote a second reply to the fan’s comment and mentioned the importance of spending time with his family. He again pointed out the ‘sad but true‘ situation that he wasn’t going to have a party on his birthday this year.

“I am old Patty, and yes we do need a birthday bash which will be number 73. Afraid it’s not gonna happen this year.

Old enough to know family is everything. it will keep you young happy and full of life. The birthday bash is not gonna happen this year sad but true🥂 but we will celebrate.

You can see the photo Sammy Hagar posted on his Instagram account.