The legendary former frontman of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar has shared a new video of himself with his beautiful wife, Kari Karte on his verified Twitter account.

Sammy Hagar was kind of advertising ‘Amazon Music’ in this video. The video starts with Van Halen’s former frontman playing piano in his house.

After that, Sammy wanted Amazon Echo to play a song named ‘Santa’s Going South for Christmas.’ After Amazon Echo played the song for the couple, Sammy Hagar started to make a cocktail with his beloved wife.

You can see what he wrote:

“It’s that time of year…

Alexa, play Santa’s Going South for Christmas on Amazon.”

A fan named Michael Muscat wrote:

“Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday’s from the Muscat family to you!”

Another fan named Michael Mavrofrides said:

“I thought you didn’t play piano/keyboards. Did you start or does someone else play in your house? Happy Holidays!”

You can watch the video of Sammy Hagar right below.