Van Halen ex-vocalist Sammy Hagar has shared a brand new photo with the legendary musician, Sting, on his official Instagram account and shared his thoughts about Sting’s musical.

Sting’s musical ‘Last Ship’ has been impressing the audience with an amazing show since 2014 and currently, they are on the tour at the United States.

After watching the musical, Sammy joined the after-party and took a picture with Sting. Later on, he shared this respectful picture and stated that this was a perfect show to watch for everyone. Also, he mentioned how beautiful the songs are.

Here is what Sammy Hagar said:

“Opening night for Sting’s ‘Last Ship’ in San Francisco. Was quite the success. Very deep, incredible music. Well done, my friend and thanks for the after-party! #tequila #congratulations #sting #lastship”

A fan named Cathy Custer wrote:

“Wow!!! That is so cool. I can’t wait to see his show 😎❤️💕”

Another fan named Amy Rodgers added this comment:

“I don’t usually comment on celebrity posts but this may be my favorite picture ever. ❤️🎶”

You can check the post below.