Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar has shared a brand new picture during the lockdown on his official Instagram account and celebrated the 19th birthday of his daughter, Samantha Hagar.

Currently, all around the people are trying to self-quarantine themselves due to the highly contagious disease, coronavirus. So far, over 400K cases have confirmed by the authorities, and only 100K patients have recovered.

As you can see in the picture, Sammy and Samantha gave a cute pose for the camera and looking so sweet together. Also, Sammy wrote an emotional letter in the caption of the post and showed his love for Samantha.

Sammy’s first picture from the quarantine got over 22K likes in fifteen hours, and the fans shared lots of comments in the post.

Here is what Sammy Hagar penned:

“Look who’s 19 today happy birthday to my My youngest and namesake daughter Samantha.

Having been locked down for the last 14 days with you has Been such a blast. Mom and I would be going crazy without you being here with us. I love this picture from a couple of days ago and I love you❤️🎂”

His bandmate Michael Anthony said:

“Happy Birthday Samantha from the Anthony’s!🎂🎂❤️”

A fan named Joe Schmoe added this comment:

“Break out the guitar and sing her happy birthday for all of us! Come on dad get with it!😜❤️❤️ Happy birthday Samantha!”

Another fan named Linda Brott wrote:

“Happy Birthday Samantha! Enjoy being Daddy’s girl I would do anything to have my parents back!! Enjoy your day🎉”

You can check the post below.