Former Van Halen bassist, Michael Anthony, has posted the new videos on his official Instagram account and revealed the special visit from his bandmate and close friend, Sammy Hagar.

Apparently, Sammy Hagar and his wife did not follow the social distance rule and visited Michael Anthony for Easter. They ended their self-quarantine process for this special day.

If you watch these videos, as Anthony leaves his garage, Sammy and his wife appear in front of the garage with their luxury sports cars.

We guess that Sammy was going out to get fresh air with his wife because he was tired of being stuck at home amid the coronavirus epidemic.

Here’s what Michael Anthony captioned:

“I got an Easter visit today from the Hagar‘s, who was out doing a little socializing and social distancing. I think they were just bored with sitting at home!!

If there wasn’t this pandemic going on, Sammy probably would’ve come in and drank any Sammy Hagar that I had!! Have a great Easter everybody… And stay safe!!”

Sammy Hagar commented and said:

“Watch out Mikey I’ve had a couple of drinks here I come again. I can’t imagine how much our fans love your post. because I personally think it’s the best Instagram post you’ve ever posted not because I am in it but because it is what you and I are all about.”

Rob Zombie guitarist John 5 wrote:

“Happy Easter buddy.”

Watch the Instagram video below.