The former member of Van Halen and current The Circle icon Sammy Hagar shared a new photo on his Instagram page and revealed one of the most interesting moments he had with his fans.

Sammy showed the photo of how he signed a “Speed Limit – 55 Mph” road sign of the fan.

Here is what Hagar wrote:

Somethings you just have to sign.
#icantdrive55 #ebay#autograph #fans #minneapolis”

A user named rkraft6010 made the most-like comment:

“I’m very disappointed with you Sam! According to your book, you are claiming that prior to your arrival VH wasn’t even filling small arenas! Sam, this just isn’t true and I really wish you would correct this misinformation.”

Another user named coledewolf said that:

“What are you doing in minnesota?!”

You can see the photo below.