Three days ago, former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar has shared a photo on his official Instagram account and one fan asked a weird question about David Lee Roth. Later on, Sammy replied to the fan while slamming and mocking David.

In the post, a fan named Darren Smeets asked that did Sammy see the recent live show of David Lee Roth in Las Vegas and conversation started:

“Did you see/hear the nightmare aka DLR in vegas?”

After a short period of time, Sammy Hagar took to Instagram and smashed David Lee Roth in a funny way. Sammy said that he tried to listen to David more than ever but his shows are just comedy acts.

Here is what Sammy Hagar wrote:

“@darrensmeets Oh Lord have mercy I couldn’t make it through one song and I’ve tried more than once. It’s a comedy act”

A fan responded to Sammy:

 “I tried the same. It might be the worst live act I’ve ever watched outside of dive bar karaoke.”

You can check the post below.