Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar shared a video of himself on Twitter and talked about his reaction against the current racism and violence issues in America.

Following the tragic death of George Floyd, the musicians and celebrities have been raising their voices against police brutality and racism through their social media accounts. Van Halen icon, Sammy Hagar also showed his support to the protests against the hatred and asked for people to sympathize with everyone who was exposed to racism or violence.

Recently, on Twitter, Sammy Hagar shared a video of himself talking about the current protests and asked his followers to be more conscious about the problems caused by racism and police brutality. On the video Sammy stated:

“Why would anyone kill innocent people and take it out on the whole race, the whole society we’re living in. Because of a bad guy, a bad cop, a bad black man, a bad white man, a bad Chinese or Japanese man, or Hispanic, South American? What is the difference?

Why would you take it out on the whole human race, people with families and children that are innocent? There are bad guys everywhere, every walk of life. You know it, I know it, we all know it. Stop the violence. Stop racism and prejudice. Please. “

He also wrote a simple message in the caption area and said:

“As if we don’t already have enough problems with COVID-19.”

You can watch the video Sammy Hagar shared on Twitter below.