The former member of Van Halen and current The Circle icon Sammy Hagar posted a new photo on his Instagram page with his long-time friend, Guy Ramsay Fieri.

As you will see below, as soon as Sammy Hagar sees the size of Guy Fieri’s sandwich, he reacts like ‘WTF?!’

Here is what Sammy wrote:

WTF is going on here!
#arewehavinganyfunyet#anybodyhungry #sandwiches#guyfieri #buddies #laughter#theonlywaytofly #flyinghighagain#minesbiggerthanyours”

mrs.wineslaya commented on the photo:

“Loved this! You guy’s are great together!!! NEW SHOW IDEA
SAMMY and GUY take on AMERICA!”

Anotherr user named bakersfieldluvssammy wrote this:

“I seriously JUST finished watching the deleted scene from this episode of #RRRT!! I love when that stuff happens!! #synchronicity #kismet 👌🏻🥂”

You can see that rare photo below.