Van Halen’s legendary ex-frontman Sammy Hagar’s daughter, Kama Hagar, has posted a casual photo via her official Instagram and revealed how she had a great time at home.

As you can see the Instagram Stories, Kama Hagar was playing a popular video game called ‘The Legend of Zelda‘ at her home, and she showed off this moment for her followers with a recent photo.

In the caption area of the post, Kama didn’t mention coronavirus and she isolated herself because of another reason that is not clear.

Here’s what she wrote with the Instagram Stories:

“If you were worried about me, don’t be.”

You can see the Instagram Stories of her right below.

A few weeks ago, Kama Hagar had shared yet another stunning video of herself via her official and verified Instagram page.

In the recent video, Kama Hagar was looking very drunk and she had lost herself to the rhythm of the music. She has shown her beautiful dance figures thanks to this video.

Also, Kama Hagar had made an interesting statement with this video and explained why she shouldn’t drink alcohol also, she mentioned the effect of the nightlife on her life.

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