Van Halen’s legendary ex-frontman Sammy Hagar’s daughter, Kama Hagar, has shared yet another breathtaking photo on her verified Instagram page, and she showed her perfect body with a greatly taken photo.

As you might see the photo right below, Kama was wearing a so hot bikini in the pose and she was showing her amazing and hot body to followers. Although she didn’t have many followers, still, she mesmerized the fans by her pure beauty.

In the caption, she has made a short statement and explained how we can be calm down in life and a free meditation lesson.

Here’s what she wrote with the photo:

“Need to cool down? To everyone out there who RAGES over dumb (or real) shit, I feel you.

I come from a family of hot-headed passionate animals and as I always make sure to mention (like a true Aries): I’m an Aries.

Aka flipping out is something I‘m familiar with. Let’s chill out, my guys. Free meditation for anger-management via link in bio.”

Her father Sammy Hagar saw this post of Kama and wrote a funny comment:

“Hotheaded family??? I am as chill as they get. You must have me confused with your brothers and sister😂😂😂😘.”

Kama Hagar answered:

“@sammyhagar no Hagar made it out alive except maybe @aaronhagar because he’s a Pisces.”

You can see the Instagram post right below.