The legendary ex-Van Halen member and also a famous social media personality, Sammy Hagar, posted a new video of him and his lovely wife Kari Karte Hagar on his official Instagram page.

You will watch the video of Sammy which he’s having a really sincere conversation with his beloved wife. In the video, Kari reminded Sammy that her birthday is coming really soon.

Sammy Hagar told this to Kari:

“This is almost Christmas. Unbelievable!”

Kari Karte responded:

“It’s almost my birthday, too.”

Sammy backed it up:

“Well, happy birthday honey.”

Here is the caption of the video Sammy shared:

“My Mexican friends in Cabo sure know how to throw a birthday party.

#gotmeunderpressure #happybirthday
#igottilltuesday #theheatison #capricorn #fiesta #barbacoa”

A user named jmpot71 commented:

“My husband is turning 50 years old Thursday! Can you wish him a happy birthday? He’s a big fan. We hope you come back to Ohio this year!”

Sammy responded gently:

“@jmpot71 Happy birthday Mr. 50 and will see you in Ohio end of July/August with the circle”

You can watch the video of Sammy below.