Van Halen’s iconic star, Sammy Hagar posted a new photo that he cannot accept that he’s the one in it.

Hagar said that one of his followers sent this photo to him and asked if he’s the person on the photo. Hagar responded and said, “Unfortunately, it is!”

Here is the caption:

“Someone sent me this picture and said is this you?
Unfortunately it is. #badpicture #1996#badoutfit #beachbuggy
#cabosanlucas #cabowabo#flashbackfriday”

A user named taftmcwhorter commented:

“Nah, it’s a great photo! You’ve been an inspiration for countless people for living a life of passion. Thanks, Sammy! 🤘🔥”

Sammy responded:

“@taftmcwhorter 🧐”

You can see the photo below.