Legendary former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony has shared a new photo of his Ford GT on his official Instagram account with a rather mocking caption concerning social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak.

Mark Anthony has been sharing many posts on his Instagram account especially warning his fans to stay home and be safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He also started the ‘Lockdown Challenge’ on his Instagram account with his band The Circle where they cover a legendary song, recording each of their parts from the safety of their homes.

Passionate about cars, Michael Anthony shared a photo of his luxurious car and made a joke about social distancing:

“Went out today and did a little social distancing…… From the highway patrol!!!”

His fans were cheering for him and they were as enthusiastic as he was.

Kennie Williams said:

“Go Speedracer, Go!😁”

Johnny Starr wanted in:

“Take me with you bro!”

You can check out his Instagram post below.