The legendary former frontman of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, has shared a new stunning video of himself when was working at the studio via his verified and official Instagram account.

In the video, Sammy Hagar suddenly stopped when he was playing the guitar at the studio, and he started to say that ‘hey, wow, alright, are you ready?’

These words were said for the upcoming South America tour of Sammy. He was looking very excited and impatient due to the tour in the video. But fans worried about his mental health after that bizarre attitude.

Here’s what he captioned with the video:

“Are you ready? Not sure I am. #iforgotwhatiwasdoing #southamerica #tour #thecircle #comingup #warmingup.”

A fan named Tim Cuddihy wrote a comment and asked an interesting question to Sammy Hagar:

“You ok Sammy? I’m worried about you. Lol😂”

Sammy Hagar saw that comment and give an answer:

“@tcwild63 😂😂😂😂I’m good🤙.”

You can watch the video of Sammy Hagar right below.