Former Van Halen frontman and current The Circle singer, Sammy Hagar has posted a new video after a live show via Instagram. As you know, The Circle’s current drummer is John Bonham’s son, Jason Bonham, which he was appeared on video.

“Thank you to the north west for two phenomenal sold out shows #thecircle #photobomb#seattle #spokane #redheads#spacebetween #heyhey@jasonbonham @vicjohnson77@mad_anthony_bassman”

Another former Van Halen star, bassist Michael Anthony responded:

“The Circle is killin it!!! Rockin crowds!!💥”

A fan named Eva wrote to Hagar:

“I think this tour needs a second leg to get to more Wide Open Spaces. 👍”

Another fan named Doug wrote:

“Great show seen you in Spokane 3lock box VOA standing Hampton red and so on thanx for not forgetting us up here”

Check out the video below.