Former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar’s daughter, Kama Hagar, has shared a new video on her official Instagram account and revealed the good changes in the world due to the coronavirus outbreak.

For over four months, everybody is trying to protect themselves from the danger of coronavirus in the self-quarantine. While most of the people staying at their home, the pollution of the world reduces indirectly.

After mentioning these good changes on earth, Kama Hagar continued to spread the goodness of her heart for her followers. She stated that seeing the world like this makes her want to cry, and she is hoping that people will get more conscious about protecting the world after the outbreak.

Here is what Kama Hagar wrote:

“Happy earth day to this beautiful, healing earth. I am so grateful for the effect this giant pause has had on the planet, it makes me want to cry. I hope we see how happy it is and continue to be more and more conscious and gentle long after this quarantine is over.

A major lesson 🙏🏽 In honor of 🌏, I created a list of 70 simple pleasures in life that only earthlings know. Read the joyful little list in the link in my bio.”

A fan named Jeff added this comment:

I love the sounds of the birds. So peaceful in an early morning walk.”

Another fan named Lori said:

“Thanks, Kama! Wish I was there right now 🙂👙🌴”

You can check out the post below.