Son of Eddie Van Halen, and also bassist of Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen has shared the photo of AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young’s legendary signature guitar, “Gretsch Jet Firebird”.

Wolfgang said that he saw the replica version of Malcolm’s guitar, and bought it.

Here’s what he wrote:

“The second I saw they made replicas of Malcolm Young’s Jet, I had to get it. AC/DC, and Malcolm especially, have always been a huge influence on me. #MalcolmYoung #ACDC”

See the photo below.

Back in December 2018, Wolf has reacted to claims about his retirement. He wrote on Twitter:

“No, I’m retired. In case some people didn’t understand my last few tweets (which judging the bulk of the replies, many didn’t…) I’m not actually retired.

It was sarcasm. SARCASM. Because it’s a ridiculous idea. What kind of asshole would I have to be if I retired at 27 years old? Ok goodnight”

You can see the tweet below.