In a recent question and answer session, original/former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony has reacted to a rumor about possible Van Halen reunion.

According to Alternative Nation, a fan asked:

“Is Van Halen touring again this year and are you gonna to be with them? I heard you were asked to play just a few songs and Wolfgang was gonna be the primary bass player.”

Anthony responded:

“Not true.”

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Two weeks ago, former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar talked in an interview with Eddie Trunk, and revealed that why Michael Anthony is so important for Van Halen reunion.

He said:

“I told Mike, if this happens you have my blessings, you go do this, you’re a founding member in that band and for the fans he needs to do it. He is the missing element right now. If you want my opinion, without Mike it doesn’t seem quite the same.

He’s the flag barer, he walks out there with the flag, the VH flag, he holds it high like the guy in the calvary and he’s a special guy. He has my blessings and when they are done we will go back out if it happens.

But the things I’ve been reading, it aint gonna happen. They think Mikey’s gonna come out and do his bass solo with the Jack Daniels bass and say goodbye and watch Wolfie play his songs all night, I mean, I don’t think the fans are going to go for that either.

That would be real hard on little Wolf, he don’t deserve that. I don’t know what to think, maybe it’s just a rumor. Those guys don’t tell me nothing because I don’t want to know but you would at least think they would tell Mike.”

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