Yesterday, Wolfgang Van Halen had a real argument with some of his fans on Twitter. Later on, he also shared some stories that shows his anger on Instagram. You can click here to read the article.

Today, Wolfgang and his fans broke the ice after a large argument. Here is the dialog between D Tension and Wolfgang Van Halen.

A fan named D Tension wrote to Wolfgang:

“I accidentally pissed off @WolfVanHalen and that lead to a death threat from a fan. I finally have an interaction with someone from my favorite band and a fan wants to kill me and Wolf got mad at me. All over a misunderstanding. I hate the internet. WTF do I listen to now?”

Wolfgang Van Halen responded:

“That’s really not cool. I’m so sorry that happened to you. The internet can really be a shitty place sometimes and assholes can hate on you for no reason. I hope it doesn’t happen again.

Also, you didn’t piss me off. I found it funny/odd that there were a handful of people that seemed to be trying to take the meaning away from this personal thing between my father and I. Has never happened to me before and threw me for a loop. Cheers, my dude.

D Tension replied:

“Thanks man. I was commenting on the instrumental piece and I missed that I was replying to a guy who was undermining the dedication aspect of it. I really appreciate the reply. I’ll let you know if that guy kills me. 🙂

Also my daughter’s b day is 3/16. I used to play that music for her as a lullaby. Love it. Peace.”

Wolfgang Van Halen said:

“Very cool! Happy belated birthday to her!”

D Tension wrote:

“Thanks. That means a lot. Hope to see you on the road. Looking forward to hearing your album!”

Wolfgang Van Halen said:

“Thanks so much!✌️”

Here are these tweets: