During the recent episode of Eddie Trunk’s Trunk Nation, a new source has revealed another scenerio about the classic lineup reunion possibility of Van Halen.

He said that ‘Sammy might have jeopardized Anthony’s chances of getting back in that band’. Here’s the reason:

“When Sammy was on the other day and he mentioned about Michael Anthony getting a call from the Van Halen camp. I felt that if that if Michael Anthony wanted that news out, he would of said something. I felt like Sammy might have jeopardized Anthony’s chances of getting back in that band.

I want to see Mike back in the band, I just don’t know why Sammy would say something. Mike is a grown man, he can speak for himself. You know, I would have preferred if he told you off the air or something like that, know what I mean?”

Trunk responded:

“Not a bad point, thank you for your call and I understand where you’re going with that but I don’t think Sammy did that maliciously and I don’t think he did that with any intent. I think he probably didn’t realize that wasn’t public news, and Sammy is a pretty unfiltered guy, you know? It’s sort of one of the things I love about him, he just tells it as it comes to his mind. Yet look, he loves Michael Anthony and I don’t think he by intentionally in any way it was anything to jeopardize that situation for Michael. Also, Sammy said it had been a number of months and there had been no communication since, so I think in Sammy’s mind it was kind of like, because I brought it up to him about all the rumors being out there and if he’s heard them and he said, ‘Yeah.’

And if you hear the audio, Sammy said the whole thing very much in passing. The big question I had to Sammy about it was, if Michael was offered the gig back in Van Halen, would you be cool with it given that you probably also wouldn’t be included. He said, ‘Absolutely’

That’s when he went on that whole thing saying that Anthony should be back in, they should it, I hope they do it and he’s got my blessings. Then I asked if you’ve heard anything more and he said no, ever since he was contacted a few months ago it’s been all quiet, and then we just moved along. That’s when when I said, ‘Well that’s news, hold on a second.’

I think in his mind it was probably the kind of thing like, well that was something that a call four to six months ago but it’s been radio silence ever since, so it’s probably a dead issue. I honestly don’t think he thought he was spilling the beans or jeopardizing anything. I think he was just making conversation and more to say, well there’s been no talk of it since that call and that’s when I jumped in and a lot of other people like, ‘Whoa, there was a call?!” Because we just, nobody knew.”

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