The lead singer of Van Halen, David Lee Roth shared another hand-drawn comic from the ‘Soggy Bottom’ series on his official Twitter page, and apparently, this time the drawing has extra special writings on it that indicates the return of Roth.

As you may already know, David Lee Roth has been drawing up some comics and sharing them with his fans through his official social media accounts for the past six months. The hand-drawn comics are called the ‘Soggy Bottom’ series and they are all relevant to the current issues of the world.

His fans loved to see another artistic aspect of David Lee Roth and his drawings are outstanding with a unique style and brilliant massages.

However, his latest ‘Soggy Bottom’ comic which David Lee Roth shared on his official Twitter page, seems to have a different purpose rather than stressing what’s going on in the world currently.

The comic has unrelated writings on it which leads Roth’s fans to think about a hidden message the comic can have. While it looks like it’s about mocking humanity looking for a way to live in space for supplies, there are a few lines about those who waited which eventually made fans think about a return.

Here are some of those lines.

The wait was so long, my clothes went out of style.”

To you who wait, we salute your ‘Soggy Bottom.'”

You can see the Twitter post below.