David Lee Roth, the lead singer of Van Halen, has added one more piece to his artwork series, and this time he reflected the re-created image of daycare centers.

Since the beginning of self-quarantine days, when was approximately the time between March and April, David Lee Roth has been using his creativity in the field of drawing and even found his artist name, which is ‘El Roth.’ Roth has mostly based on the frogs and abstract figures in his paintings.

In his expressionist artworks, David Lee Roth has also tried to convey messages about either politics or coronavirus in his own way. As you may recall, Roth has shared the musicians who perform in space lastly. He illustrated frog-like spacemen holding beers in his previous post.

In his brand new work, David Lee Roth has depicted babyish figures who hold each other as the children in a daycare center do. He described an imaginative place called ‘Diamond Dave’s Day Care Centers‘ and wrote some interesting phrases to the corners of the picture that say ‘Academic Answer To COVID-19 Question‘ and ‘No Mind Left Behind. No Behind Left Behind Either.’

You can see David Lee Roth’s drawing below.