Van Halen legend David Lee Roth made a recent interview with the Toazted and revealed an interesting fact about his early days and how did he work as a surgery tech.

Roth revealed that he worked as a surgery tech for two and a half years as a surgical tech and assisted every kind of surgery these years.

Here is what he said:

“I remember everything. I have a photic memory. It comes also not from anything genetic… My first job out of high school was in surgery at a hospital.

I spent two and a half years working as a surgical tech, surgical porter. I assisted during every kind of surgery. My mentor was a combat nurse…

Schenider, two tours of duty in Korea, two tours of duty in Vietnam and it was impressed upon me to memorize everything you see. Period.

Somebody’s life depends on it. And I’ve extended that to everything I saw outside a tour bus window. Everybody that I’ve ever sat and sit here I’m going to memorize that smile.”

You can watch the whole interview below: