Photo Credit: Eddie Van Halen's Instagram Page

Van Halen’s legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen‘s son, Wolfgang Van Halen had a real argument with fans on Twitter.

Everything started with the tweet of Eddie Van Halen. He tweeted about Wolf’s birthday and said that he loves him.

A fan named Eric replied:

“Yes, definitely time flies. I remember reading interviews and Eddie was just elated with his newborn son. I love the instrumental he wrote for him, 316.”

After that tweet, a fan named Jason answered:

“Actually he wrote 316 in 1986 or before. You can hear him play it as part of his guitar solo live on LIVE WITHOUT A NET video release that was for the 5150 tour of ‘86.

Then of course released it as a actual instrumental song for the F.U.C.K album. So was it really written for him.”

And Wolf reponded harshly:

“Hahaha who gives a shit? Going out of your way to tell me that the song my father dedicated to me, isn’t for me, just because it was an idea he had played before I was born, doesn’t make it any less dedicated to me.

Y’all don’t get to decide that. You people blow my mind.”

Here are these tweets:

Later on, Wolfgang shared some of his DM’s via Instagram Stories: