Famous Rock music veteran, former Van Halen and current frontman of The Circle and Chickenfoot, Sammy Hagar has posted a new photo of himself with his wife, Kari Karte on his official Instagram account.

In the photo, Sammy was drinking something and spending a romantic moment with his beloved wife. Also, he showed his new interesting beard style to his fans with this photo.

Here’s what he captioned:

“I don’t always drink rum but when I do I drink Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum.

#StayThirsty #MostInterestingSamInTheWorld #HappyHalloween #TrickOrTreat #DressUp.”

A fan named Gregory Simmons wrote a stunning comment:

“Sammy, you look so serious, what’s up?”

Sammy gave a sincere answer:

@gregory.simmons3 My f*cking act a girl.”

See the Instagram post right below.