Van Halen icon David Lee Roth shared the latest episode of the Roth Show and revealed the movie that his parents didn’t allow him to see.

Roth also revealed how he did he elope from house to see the movie.

Here is the story transcribed by Metalhead Zone:

“If you practise the Harley Davidson, it’s the sound of freedom. Your first taste of a freedom was on a bicycle. I still ride a bicycle, okey but the sound of really going somewhere like Easy Rider.

Have you ever seen the movie? Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper… Okay, that’s almost a National Anthem film. You kind of close your eyes and it’s a natural…We’re leading a digital prison break here. That was a geographic spiritual prison break back in when that came out in 1968.

My parents wouldn’t let me go see it so I snuck out in the rain. I was living up north here in Altadena and I remember it was raining and I snuck out of the house and I walked almost two to the Uptown Theater and paid 2 dollars and 50 cents to see Easy Rider and Gimme Shelter. Oh, careful what you let your kids see!”

You can watch the entire video below: