The former Van Halen frontman also known as The Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar posted a recent photo on his official and verified Twitter account and showed his LaFerrari to his followers.

Hagar stated that he bought his LaFerrari 4 years ago this day.

Here is what he wrote on social media:

#ThrowbackThursday because Sammy got his “LaFerrari” 4 years ago this week! #TBT #CantDrive55 #NeverCould #NeverWill #Ferrari

Haggar posted Facebook post 4 years ago about his new car and published it on his official web page.

Here is what he wrote:

“The car looked better than I ever imagined when I saw it. My anticipation to drive it was driving me crazy #ThreeLockbox HaHa. When I finally took possession of the car today after all the red tape involved in a special car like this, Kari and I put 100 miles on it.

And what a crazy fun hundred miles it was!!! The car is much faster than I ever imagined. It sounds like a monster of some kind. It gets way more attention than I want (daaah!). I’m getting used to it slowly before I really try to push I push it to my limit, which is way below the car’s limit I’m sure of that after today! I feel really special getting in and out of that car I just want to look at it sometimes. I’m very close to being speechless.  After chasing that Ferrari for a year finally taking possession, I’m humbled.”

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