Yesterday, Wolf Van Halen played a fun game on Twitter with his followers and revealed six bands/artists that he has seen at gig/concert and one lie.

In the end, he revealed that he has seen Taylor Swift at the concert and everybody was amazed.

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Today, Wolf Van Halen wrote another tweet and answered some fan’s question about why did he go to see Taylor Swift in concert.

A Twitter user named mindbenderNine asked:

“Although I’ve seen the answer, I refuse to believe that anyone with the last name of Van Halen would ever see Taylor Swift in concert.

Sorry, can’t deal with life at the moment.”

Wolf Van Halen answered:

“My good buddy, @paulsidoti plays for her. He plays a Wolfgang and even whips out a Frankenstein replica every now and then.

It was the perfect answer in that twitter music game thing to throw everyone off 😬”

You can see the tweets below: