Van Halen bassist and son of Eddie Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen had an interesting conversation with professional game reviewer Arin Hanson on Twitter.

In that conversation, Wolfgang said that ‘I want to die’.

Arin Hanson tweeted:

“*behind gritted teeth* I’m so… PROUD… of all of you getting 1st at Tetris 99. So HAPPY for you all.”

Wolfgang responded:

“I’ve only gotten 2nd and I want to die.”

A Twitter user named Ian Wexler wrote to Wolf:

“I can die happy knowing I can beat you in exactly one video game hahah”

Wolfgang responded:

“Yo let’s play a round of smash so I can feel better about myself”

Arin chimed in:

“Invite me plz I would like to be pwnd”

Wolf said:

“Oh baby, it’s on”

See the entire coversation below.