Current The Circle star and former Van Halen member, Sammy Hagar cursing at crowd story exposed with Drew Fortune’s latest book, No Encore.

Drew revealed that the crowd booed Sammy Hagar even before he started playing the song.

Here is that part from the book:

“’Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Sammy Hagar!’ The place immediately starts f**king booing. I was still green from Montrose, and I didn’t feel like I was anywhere near famous, so I just tried kicking as much ass as I could.

During the third song, which was a Donovan-balled cover called Catch The Wind, people started flipping me off and really losing their shit.

I was looking out at the crowd, and I stopped the song. I yelled, ‘You f**king assholes! You didn’t even give me a chance. You started booing me before hearing the music. F**k you!’

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