Photo Credit: Kama Hagar - Facebook

Former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar’s daughter, Kama Hagar, has shared a special photo of herself on her official Instagram account and showed off her curves as writing an important tip to her followers.

As you can see in the photo below, she had taken this photo while she was sitting on the beach and viewing the impressive panorama of the city. She was looking beautiful and fascinating in the pose thanks to her curves and great-looking hair.

In the caption of this photo, Kama Hagar has written a meaningful statement about the stillness and explained the importance of it.

Here’s what she wrote with this post:

“Keep busy” is advice I understand but tend to avoid giving. To me, it’s been overdone and over-said. What really serves us is the mastery of stillness. When we learn to master stillness, we have learned to be present and sit comfortably with our self.
Stillness is the place from which we can listen, from which we can create and from which we can find clarity.

My newest blog (link in bio) breaks down my 4 favorite breathing tools to help find stillness:

1. Slow + Quiet Breath
2. 16-Second Meditation by @davidjimeditation
3. Breath Retention
4. Still-Point Breathing

Try them all on the blog + let me know your favorite ⛰.”

You can see the Instagram post right below.