Van Halen’s iconic former member Sammy Hagar’s daughter, Kama Hagar, has stunned her fans with a leg revealing photo that she posted on Instagram on 20 May, because of the bruise on the leg.

Kama Hagar made her fans worried with this photo that a leg bruise is seen and the fans asked that if she has internal bleeding. However, the reason for this bruise showed up itself through the caption she wrote under the photo.

Kama captioned the photo as follows:

“I’ve been spending a lot of time with water lately and its taught me a lot. In martial arts, there’s a concept that having a “mind like water” is key.

It means one responds only to necessary stimulus and returns back to the calm, but active-ready state. It’s being fully at ease and present, but being prepared.”

After that, her fans mentioned about their bruises and sports activities through the comment section.

“Same thing happened to me on ice-covered steps” said Lynnie.

“I got a big huge bruise on my thigh” said Tomi.

The caption also explained that she has been spending the quarantine period by doing various sports and improving herself in mindfulness.

Besides, Kama advised her fans to read the blog post that she wrote about mentally relaxing at the end of the post.

Below you can find the mentioned post.