The legendary former Van Halen frontman Sammy Haggar’s daughter and also famous yogini, Kama Hagar, posted simultaneous photos on her Facebook and Instagram accounts to share the impact of the yoga.

As you may check out the post of Kama below, she indicated that she has managed to find the perfect channel to release her pent up energy. While she’s sending good vibes to all of her followers, she also mesmerized everyone with her perfectly shapen body.

One of the users who pushed the like button on the post was Mötley Crüe star Vince Neil’s girlfriend, Rain Hannah.

Here is what she wrote on the post:

“Of all my self-care practices, yoga might be the one I love the most. This is not to say the others aren’t just as powerful and this isn’t to say yoga will impact you the way it did me, but I can tell you it truly shifted everything for me.

My body is healthier, my self-belief is stronger, and as a hyperactive type of human, I’ve found the perfect channel to release all my pent up energy. For my fellow yogis, or anyone who wants to deepen their relationship to the breath and body, click the link in my bio for a free 13-minute meditation designed for yogis and breath-body-connection. Namaste, my beautiful friends 🙏🏽 📷 @milkteamedia”

As Kama Haggar closed the comments section to the followers, her lovely dad Sammy Hagar had privileges to share his thoughts.

Here is what Sammy Hagar wrote:

“Whoa I can’t do that you are one flexible girl😘”

You can check out the photo of Kama below.