The legendary former member of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar posted a funny post on his official Instagram page today.

Van Halen’s well-known icon revealed how his lovely wife, Kari Hagar took his photo without having his permission.

Here is the whole story:

“My wife Kari said You look very content can I take a picture?

I didn’t say anything. #iamlearning #content #caughtinthemoment #enjoyinglife @santospirit #watchingthesunset #relax

The drink recipe is Santo Mezquila, Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum (equal parts) splash of pineapple juice. Splash of orange juice. Juice of one lime.

A half-ounce of Campari. 1 teaspoon simple syrup. A scoop of fresh Extra ripe mango. And a shaker full of ice.

Smashed up, shaken up poured into One of those keep it cold forever Containers. Damn it’s good.

You can see that rare photo below.