Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony has shared a new video on his official Instagram account and showed how the beach is looking from his luxury home after it was closed.

As we all know, government officials closed the beaches in some of the states to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

Michael Anthony jumped to social media to record a video of his house’s view and exposed the current situation of the beaches.

In the caption of his post, Anthony started his words by wishing that everyone is safe at their homes right now. Although the beach looks really beautiful, he stated that he wouldn’t go there because it’s closed already.

Here’s what Michael Anthony wrote:

“Hope everyone is staying safe out there! It’s beautiful here at the beach today, but we won’t be hitting the sand. Think I’ll go for a bike ride!!”

An Instagram user reacted to him and said:

“You’d think with the massive dollars in property taxes being taken in there… they could at least run underground power lines… Just so you don’t have look at the 1920s style powerlines.”

Another fan penned:

“Why can’t people just do it the way we are asked to FOR NOW? The sooner we do, the better it will be. This damn virus is gonna go on for years if we aren’t careful.”

See the Instagram post below.