Van Halen’s legendary former frontman David Lee Roth has continued to share new photos about the tour of KISS called ‘End Of The Road’ via his official Twitter account.

In December 2019, KISS has made a surprising statement about their tour called ‘End Of The Road’ via their all social media accounts. They have announced that ‘David Lee Roth will be on the opening stage with KISS on the next leg of the band’s upcoming tour.’

The tour is started past days and almost every day, David Lee Roth has shared new thinks about the tour.

Today, David Lee Roth posted yet another tweet and showed his special stage outfits to the fans. Also, Roth wanted fans to choose his next stage costume by asking their suggestions.

Here’s what he wrote in the tweet:

“Any suggestions on what to wear next? #EndOfTheRoad.”

A fan named Jeremiah answered the question of David:

“Black… I’ve always wanted to tell you, you are such an interesting person. I loved listening to you chat with Joe Rogan.

Respect you so much and became an even bigger fan.”

Another fan Luke Meals named Luke commented:

“None of them, please stop dressing like you are the ringmaster at Barnum & Bailey’s already.”

See the tweet of David Lee Roth right below.