Van Halen frontman and a legendary rock vocalist, David Lee Roth uploaded the latest episode of The New Roth Show on his official YouTube account and revealed a bizarre ‘Smart Water’ story with his followers.

Here is the story, transcribed by MetalHead Zone:

“Metabolics of the water have changed and that it not only remembers but that that new electric charge coming from that pill or if it was a sugar cube and go back to LSD days when you put a drop on a sugar cube.

The water has evaporated now. There’s no trace of the water or any elemental ingredient that says on the side of the thing. The sugar cube remembers. And the electrics of that sugar cube can be transmitted. There have been experiments.

Look it up over the internet, over telephone lines, and that one vial of smart water and it’s called smart water. This is what homeopathics referred to it as…

I don’t know if the water that you’re buying at the 7-eleven or the Duane Reade called smart water I understand somebody asked the fellow who invented that will this water make me smart and he said:

“Well I don’t know!”

So the interviewer said:

“But you’re smart for selling it to me!”

You can watch the whole show below.