Great frontman of Van Halen, David Lee Roth has shared the new episode of his podcast show on Youtube, and as you can see at the video, he attended his own podcast with a real gun. 

Name of the latest episode of The Roth Show is Gun School, and David Lee Roth told an interesting story about how he uses his gun. Here’s what he told:

“I’m happy to see all of you. And I have gun in my pocket. Let’s go to school together. This is called “The Charlie’s Angel”, and it’s called that for two different reasons. Okay. Now watch, I’m sneaking up on somebody, okay, let’s see if we get that in focus, and I’m sneaking up on somebody in the movies. So, what I’m gonna do is having seen it on television on Charlie’s Angels, specifically I’m going to imitate it. Ready!

Now, Tom (other guy of the podcast show), I want you to pretend to be voice of the bad guy, you’ll actually be the camera. Okay? Can you hear me? Don’t cut to yourself for a fuckin’ change, and don’t make me laugh with a loaded gun with my finger on the trigger. Okay.

I got to do it all wrong exactly, and now, Tom, pretend you’re the bad guy in the camera, and call me, and in slow motion, I’ll show you what will happen actually if you imitate your early angel. Go Tom.”

Tom said:

“Hey Dave, over here! “

Dave responded:

“Boom! And you blow your head off”

You can watch the entire episode below.