Legendary Van Halen singer David Lee Roth spoke in an interview with Joe Rogan during the recent episode of Joe’s podcast on Youtube.

David has shared what he really thinks about former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar. First of all, Roth jokingly criticize Hagar, and said (transcriped by Alternative Nation):

All of Sam’s lyrics contained love. Why can’t this be love? I ain’t talkin’ about love. We’ll be back with more fighting after this. (Laughs)

Come on, who do I jog with? I don’t. Who is my running partner? (Maniacally laughs)”

Rogan said “Yeah, Runnin’ With The Devil”, Roth continued:

“Questions in love are great, classically, that’s [Frank] Sinatra, but I’m not well adjusted. Nobody in my job ever was, much well kept it this long, and I faced it and embraced it, like a Brazilian storm, you follow?

It’s all right there in the lyrics, even using classic lyric parlor tricks, like taking a very sad lyric and positioning it against a happy piece of music. This music is romping, it’s heavy metal, and the lyric is she’s crying.”

Later then, Rogan talked about Hagar as follows:

“There’s nothing wrong with the Sammy Hagar thing, but it moved into a mall crowd, it was a different sort of vibe. It was a good vibe for a lot of folks, but it was a different vibe.

I don’t have anything against Sammy Hagar, I think he’s wonderful, I always loved that song Can’t Drive 55, he’s got some great shit. But I never listened to Van Halen with Van Hagar, it was an end of an era for me.”

Roth added:

“It was two different folks. I wanted to be the art project, not just wear one.

Click here for the source of the statement. (Alternative Nation) Listen to the entire interview below.