Van Halen’s iconic frontman David Lee Roth spoke in the recent interview with the ‘New York Times’ and explained why he is considering himself at the high-risk group during the coronavirus outbreak.

As you might remember, KISS was on the tour just before the coronavirus hit the world, and they shared the stage with David Lee Roth in some of their shows in January. After a short period, all the shows have been postponed.

In the conversation, David Lee Roth recalled these times just before the lockdown started and said that he started to follow the self-quarantine rules as soon as possible because he feels like he is at high risk.

Furthermore, David mentioned the recent surgery he had on his lower back, spinal fusion surgery, and said that he will be on risk whenever he is on the outside. In this way, David showed that he is self-isolating himself for over five months.

Interviewer asked:

“You were on tour when the lockdown began. As a lifelong performer, was it difficult being forced to leave the road so hastily?”

David Lee Roth replied:

“Every Jiu-Jitsu magazine has a 28-year-old who’s going to tell you about the two years that got taken away by his elbow.

Every kickboxing magazine has a 32-year-old instructor who goes, ‘Well, I lost those three years to my left knee.’ So I’ve just been isolating away. Because I myself am high risk.”

Interviewer asked:

“Why do you consider yourself a high risk?”

David Lee Roth said:

“The road will deteriorate you from the beginning or it will keep you alive forever. When we go out, we wear ourselves to a nubbin.

I just had lower back surgery. It was a spinal fusion where they take a chip from somebody else. I’m actually taller now. Do I seem taller? I mean, over the phone?”

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