As you might already know, Van Halen legend David Lee Roth is rocking the stage during the End of the Road Tour of KISS these days, and lots of reviewers are spreading great words about his performance.

Today, David Lee Roth has continued to share a new photo that is taken in the backstage of performance via Twitter. He made a stunning short claim about the best guitarists in the world.

As you know that David Lee Roth doesn’t know to play guitar and he just a singer. But today, he claimed that if he knew how to play the guitar, he would be the best guitar player in the world.

Here’s the stunning statement of him:

“I’d be the greatest guitar player in the world if I knew how to play…

#DavidLeeRoth #DiamondDave #DLR:@photoshopCAFE.”

A user named Chris Hicks commented:

“Good thing you know the greatest guitar player in the world.”

Another user named Laurie said:

“Then we wouldn’t have had the greatest frontman rockstar ever! #DiamondDave #DavidLeeRoth #hotroth #campingrainorshine.”

You can see the tweet of him right below.