The well-known frontman of Van Halen, David Lee Roth shared his latest episode of The Roth Show and revealed his ideas about Chinese and other Asian rooted people, and how he’s admired of their work-ethic.

He also explained why he felt like committing suicide his entire life as you can read below. Here is some part of his statements from the latest episode named, #23c Chain-gang Cantaloupes.

His statements transcribed by Metalhead Zone:

“The Chinese boss much to his credit or discredit attempts to rein doctrine 8 and teach Americans “This is how the Chinese do it this is how we do-wit-do-wit.”

And you got a role with us and he starts at $15 an hour I can only speak for baby boomers we want $50 and up we want benefits, we want the weeks off, we work for the weekend, we like to have music when we’re at the workbench, on and on and on…

As we should have it, cuz because that’s what we were used to but maybe then Waze is different now, says the Chinese. And the Chinese work away like they were just regimented soldiers they approach each other as soldiers, they address each other as soldiers, and it doesn’t hurt that everybody has the same color haircut.

They work tirelessly and tirelessly and tirelessly. And in the end, it doesn’t matter if every one of them given a few shots of tequila or whatever the local beverage is.

Tells you the truth and goes fuck I’m going crazy I feel like committing suicide my entire life is laid out like a fucking Denny’s menu and I don’t even know what Denny’s is.”

You can watch the whole show below.