Van Halen’s iconic and legendary frontman, David Lee Roth uploaded the latest episode of The New Roth Show, #19c Green Hornets on his official YouTube account.

David Lee Roth revealed that all he can offer to his fans is honesty, credibility, and history.

Here is what he said, transcribed by Metalhead Zone:

“I tell you what, all I’ve got to show you is my credibility. All I’ve got to show you is my honesty. All I’ve got to show you is my history.

And this part of it guys you know I loved a song-and-dance brain.

I’m just a monkey so you don’t watch out the rest of the show and see if you want fucking stick around for me. Cuz I got some serious shit to tell you like this phrase.

Where’s Roth and if I was in the other room everybody would freeze and I put on special booties.”

You can watch the whole show right below.